Hourstone, hailing from Singapore, is a master of merging music and art, with a persona deeply rooted in the enigmatic world of the dark alternative melodies. His artistry is a fusion of hauntingly distinctive vocals, evocative metaphors, and captivating visuals that transport listeners into a beguiling magical fairyland. Notable tracks like "Halfway House" and "I Will Find a Way" have garnered over 2 million streams, affirming Hourstone's global appeal.

Amidst the solitude of the pandemic, he embarked on a creative mission that ultimately marked the beginning of his new era in 2023. As Hourstone reflects on his artistic journey, he recognizes the harmonious synergy of creativity that blossomed. He set out on a quest to find new musical collaborators who embraced his passion and vision, giving rise to a stunning collection of music that resonates deeply. This collection features his multi-awarded debut music video, "Hypnotherapology" which proudly showcases 24 Award wins and 19 Semi-Finalist Awards

In this pivotal juncture, Hourstone invites his fans old and new to delve into his realm where music and visuals intertwine, crafting vibrant tapestries of emotion and imagination. With a multitude of fresh songs and 10 music videos on the horizon, Hourstone's sonic wonders offer an immersive journey that calls upon those bold enough to venture into the enigmatic world of his dark alternative artistry.

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